Life hacks⚠

When you try to behave sane but then you realize your sane is driving you insane. Thoes edgy moments make you living breathing beings but at the same time you have to make your choices, you like it or not. Stick to your sane, inner peace and satisfied soul is much easier to deal with.☺



Its my birthday yet again…..🎂

As I said, its my birthday yet again. Birthdays are always special. This day makes you realize how blessed you are. There are infinite blessings surround you and you acknowledge them or not but your life could be alot more troubled if you lack them. Well recalling past, you realize what you were and what you have become. A tiny vulnerable kid who needs support at every step transforms into an adult who has to handle the world on its own. What I have become now is the contribution of every single person who was and is linked to me in my life.
I want to thank all of them for making me feel at home on planet Earth. My parents who were like my shadow since my birth, my siblings who always made me feel special and made sure that they are always there whenever I need them. My friends who were my support and pride, I have always seen them standing beside me no matter how silly I behave, teachers who encouraged and helped to achieve what I am today. My cousins and family who have always given me that confidence that I can always look up to them.
Life is as unpredictable as heard and it gives you roses and thorns at the same time. Though I own a very bad memory skills but still some events are imprint in my mind for good. Like all of my birthday nights, when iy seems every single person on Earth wish you happy returs of your day. Since childhood I have always wished I could forget my birthday and then someone throw me a surprise birthday party. I know sounds silly as how can I skip my birthday when its my favourite time of the whole year, when everyone who loves me text me, call me and wish me on social networks, whole day I have to stick to my phone and recieve all birthday wishes and return thank you to everyone I truly love and care. This small gesture make you feel a year younger. Anyways wishing myself many many happy returns of the day.
Bday girl🎂

Brown is the new Green

The first word that comes in to your mind after hearing the word nature is GREEN. Green color has a soothing effect and it reflects freshness and calmness. Lush green surroundings are not only excellent to view, it is also important for mankind survival. But human being human, instead of appreciating natural beauty they are creating artificial sceneries by annihilating natural environment.

Global warming are often read words. Every now and then NGOs and environmentalists conduct sessions and seminars to spread awareness about it, where they distribute pamphlets about need of a healthy environment but they forget that those paper pamphlets they are using are made by cutting trees. reason of mentioning this is because all these awareness campaigns are so hollow and useless. Global warming is the constant rise in the average temperature of atmosphere which is changing our climate disastrously. This is one of the most discussed topic nowadays but the question is “if speeches are the only thing we can do and are they enough to get rid of it?” Ask yourself, are you contributing to control it or to raise it.


Today our technology progression is at its full pace but what are we doing to stop this constant threat. Many people believe that its not real and just a hoax, but facts and figures including our common observations are enough to alarm us. While many view the effects of global warming to be more substantial and more rapidly occurring than others do, the scientific consensus on climatic changes related to global warming is that the average temperature of the Earth has risen between 0.4 and 0.8 °C over the past 100 years. The increased volumes of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released by the burning of fossil fuels, land clearing, agriculture, and other human activities, are believed to be the primary sources of the global warming that has occurred over the past 50 years. these figures are enough to make us realize where we are moving to.

Wake up before its too late



A Plea….

So thats for people who comment, give opinions and judge you without knowing the whole story. I don’t get it why is it so easy to be a judgmental freak. I mean no one has a right to pass comment on something they have not even experience. How about keeping your brain and tongue a lil’ at rest. I know that sounds harsh, may be some of you disagree and blame me to question their intentions. But dude seriously I have a suggestion don’t poke your nose and don’t give your opinion until you are asked to. Your opnion is so precious don’t waste it on others.
It is super easy to see things and gauge them followed by not so cool hypnosis. It only adds cheery on top of others’ problem. Why can’t you just ignore and let the person deal with it. You have no right unless you put your foot in someones’ shoe which you really can’t.
I assure you every problem comes with a possible solution and people dealing with it needs time to come up with it, plus they need some peace and me time to cope up with their issues. Your nose makes it worse and sometimes impossible to normalize things. Stop being a well wisher in disguise.


Let your child speak his heart….

Career choice is one of the very crucial decision one has to make right after high school. Due to lack of knowledge and focus most of the students make mistakes and regret rest of their lives. It is the story of almost every Pakistani student. Being a Pakistani student, it is our biggest dilemma that usually whatever profession we choose, reason of selection is never our interests, it is always the society who make us believe that we are born to be an engineer or a doctor. No offences with the engineers and doctors, no doubt they must me having some X-factor to rule the world. If we look at the statistics 95% parents want their kid to be a doctor or an engineer in future, and if the child is not achieving that set target then he is declared as a failure. Our parents want us to learn from their experiences. I am not saying that they are wrong but they are not absolutely right as well. They are parents and they have every right to be invloved in making our future decisions but with a little flexibility.
Blame ball is always not in their court, our action and behaviors are the reflection of our intentions, and to be honest they are much more judicious than us, so they know us better than our own selves and they always want us to be successful.
Studies show that parents are the single greatest influence on a student’s career selection. Other influential people could be your paternal uncles, maternal uncles or some of your close family friends who are successful in their own lives, so they all get a license to advise us. But it is important for parents to give their child support and encouragement and to keep them motivated in this vulnerable situation. It is the duty of parents to explore as many options available to find the best career fit for them, as opposed not to try to live out their own unfulfilled career dreams through their young child.  It is important to start the discussion as early as possible because your child must be clear about his interests and determined to achieve what he wants from life. If the process is started early, there is less likelihood of making unwise decisions.
Parents’ sky-scraping standards sometimes influence children to pursue activities they think will make their parents happy and proud. More or less a child career is also a part of parent’s status symbols. We are still living in a century in which pursuing arts subjects instead of a practical profession such as law, engineering or medicine is near to commit a crime. If a child, specially a boy is interested in Art and Design, English Lit., Islamic Studies, or even Sociology, it means that his career is doomed.  In these cases, a teenager might feel compelled to select a prestigious or high-earning occupation to earn his parents’ respect or to make them proud. On the other hand, when parents don’t specify or force their child to choose any particular career then, he often feels free to explore a greater variety of professions, and choose a career based on his own preferences instead of his parents.
Choosing the right career can be a difficult decision to make, but with parent’s positive support, some planning, and some serious self-reflection can set yourself on a path towards a fruitful, fulfilling career that can be satisfying for you and your family.
by: Aamnah

Choose your Life not your Ambition

“Being ambitious is the most important characteristic one should possess,this is the common mantra of leading a successful life”, this is what you have all heard and many of you practice. What if I tell you, that you are being deceived, deceived by your descendants. Have you ever download (1)met a person saying”I have had enough success or wealth or may be power”? No, of course not, there is no limit of any of it.

Ambition is such a bull shit, its like chasing vapor or gripping sand. Whatever that is, that you think you need like a perfect job, a fancy desk, nice office, an apartment, an unlimited debit card, a dream car or anything that you want to get by being ambitious, but whats after that, there is always a better job, a bigger office, a more powerful position to achieve, a fancier house to buy, a more lavish life style and there is no boundary of any of this.

Once you get all that you get confused like you are not as happy as you thought you would be and you realize whats next and next and next. It is a never-ending race and to keep striving for more. Then one day you sit there and think why am I not happy and satisfied. I have got my desired job, luxury life and cherry on top bank accounts filled jRjPa_zUwith money.

There is always anything more that your ambition is telling you to get and then when you get that there is another thing. You end up becoming a thankless person, who instead of being grateful of what he has transform into an unsatisfied greedy person.

All of it is a race in which there is no finishing line, you keep running unless and until you are dead. It is an endless cycle, then you get retired and next thing you know is that you have a big house, a living style, you can afford an expensive medical treatment and then you are dead. And wake up call! all of your accomplishments are of no use after getting your last certificate, death certificate.

What I have realized is that pursuing your so-called ambitions require balance, being ambitious is not a completely wrong thing, but let your ambitions give you direction and purpose not obsession. Life and its responsibilities will always be there. It will never magically disappeared. Don’t get me wrong, I know that in order to be great and follow your dreams, you have to take risks, move forward and progress. However, there’s a difference between obsessing your ambitions and seeking success.

Stability is important for a normal life and most of the time ambitions make you greedy  and thankless and that greed of getting more and more only give you an unsatisfied so-called ambitious life. Take a free advice do not get a living, get a life.


Do We Need Special Days to Express our Love??

So here is a question! Do we really need to celebrate all those special days, like Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s day, Birthdays or New Years? We can have a serious debate on it, being1240175_623317811019858_318955940_n a practical human being I might think there is no need to associate days with  expression of love and care, if I love someone I am supposed to express it daily otherwise whats the matter of expressing it on a single day. But again being practical, living in this fast era where every second we are over-committed and running in a horse race, we need days and occasions specified, to remind us that there are people around us who need our love and affection, though they know we love and care but to keep relationships healthy and working, expression is important.

For some reason or the other you may not believe in specific dates and days for expression,may be you belong to the category of people who don’t believe in commercializing their feelings. But have you ever think once, what your loved ones want? You may not like to celebrate Mother’s day, what if that one wish “happy mothers day” can bring a smile on your mum’s face, what if your dad was expecting you to give him a call and say “dad I love you and happy father’s day”, may be a valentine’s day dinner or a small gift can make your relationship stronger and not you but  your spouse want you to celebrate these days. All these small effortless words and acts can make a difference. A simple New Years wish, an anniversary party, a cute birthday wish or small gifts on special occasions are gesture that shows how important your family and friends are in your life which make them feel special.

You might wonder how? Actually this is human nature, since birth a child start responding to behaviors around him, if you shower love they will laugh and enjoy your company but if your behavior is cold so will be theirs. Some researches have proved that every human being has an aura around him and our body emit rays, if we love someone our friendly rays enters their aura and make them feel the same way while negative rays does the opposite. Expression is as important to human as food, food for soul.

Sometimes we become so busy and forget to be grateful so these days are just like reminders to tell you that we should spare some time to express our unconditional love for people we love. I believe that is how we make memories to cherish so even if that person is not around us we can recall all those moments we have spent, recall all the days when we have made them feel special and when they were truly happy. Thus its necessary to show your gratitude to people for whom you genuinely care. Don’t waste any chance to express your love and concern.