My idea of happiness…


Happiness is the most essential ingredient of life. Though everyone has different priorities in life, but if you are not happy and content then nothing matters at all. All of us has a definition of happiness, some may say, if you want to be happy, tie your life with a goal not people and things, or some other may say, true happiness is spending a life for others and be selfless, some associate happiness with success but whatever definition of happiness you believe in happiness is an inside job don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life. Your life is precious, it may not be perfect but it should be happy. So that after many years when you will look back you don’t have any regret.

My idea of happiness in simple. ” I choose to be happy”. Life is never perfect neither it always throws flowers at you but you should have courage to deal with it. Worrying is like walking with an umbrella waiting for it to rain. I might have mentioned this earlier that every problem comes with a solution, you just need to put your negative thoughts aside and focus on going on and deal with it like a true hero because “life goes on”.

be happy:)




36 thoughts on “My idea of happiness…

  1. Well its true everyone has their own perspective on happiness, and Mine is if you get sad to get your self some fries and pizza. if that doesn’t make you happy believe me its very true happiness is much of an inside job, You will get into the rusty type of situations or annoying kind of people, their actions or difficult situations are not in your control but your reactions to that situation or people are under your control. so If you are a person of emotions you can’t stay happy forever. Some philosophers say happiness comes from finding the meaning of life. if you know the purpose of your life whatever comes your way you walk by it knowing you are there to achieve your life meaning. those people who don’t know the meaning of life are kinda live in depression or saddness. if you can’t find the meaning of your life i say you can find happiness through fries and Pizza.

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  2. Very beautiful post and thoughtful….. ” Life is never perfect neither it always throws flowers at you but you should have the courage to deal with it. Worrying is like walking with an umbrella waiting for it to rain….” Totally agreed with these lines…. I would like to say the very desire for happiness brings about unhappiness. One can be truly happy only if he/she have no reason for being happy… There is only one way to be happy and that is here and right now without any reason if you are happy in this life and if you accept life as IT IS!.. Happiness is not a result. It cannot be result ever…. “It is a way of life.” It is an attitude, not a desire. Human is unhappy because very big mistake human does is he/she desire happiness whereas birds, animals they are happy, happy right now in this moment… they don’t have any question in mind about happiness… But human is intelligent but this kinda intelligence is worst which never let him understand an even very simple thing is that happiness is always there at every moment.. Life is a blissful only problem is with Human not with the LIFE…. Life is beautiful, Blissful and perfect in itself.

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