Its my birthday yet again…..🎂

As I said, its my birthday yet again. Birthdays are always special. This day makes you realize how blessed you are. There are infinite blessings surround you and you acknowledge them or not but your life could be alot more troubled if you lack them. Well recalling past, you realize what you were and what you have become. A tiny vulnerable kid who needs support at every step transforms into an adult who has to handle the world on its own. What I have become now is the contribution of every single person who was and is linked to me in my life.
I want to thank all of them for making me feel at home on planet Earth. My parents who were like my shadow since my birth, my siblings who always made me feel special and made sure that they are always there whenever I need them. My friends who were my support and pride, I have always seen them standing beside me no matter how silly I behave, teachers who encouraged and helped to achieve what I am today. My cousins and family who have always given me that confidence that I can always look up to them.
Life is as unpredictable as heard and it gives you roses and thorns at the same time. Though I own a very bad memory skills but still some events are imprint in my mind for good. Like all of my birthday nights, when iy seems every single person on Earth wish you happy returs of your day. Since childhood I have always wished I could forget my birthday and then someone throw me a surprise birthday party. I know sounds silly as how can I skip my birthday when its my favourite time of the whole year, when everyone who loves me text me, call me and wish me on social networks, whole day I have to stick to my phone and recieve all birthday wishes and return thank you to everyone I truly love and care. This small gesture make you feel a year younger. Anyways wishing myself many many happy returns of the day.
Bday girl🎂


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