Let your child speak his heart….

Career choice is one of the very crucial decision one has to make right after high school. Due to lack of knowledge and focus most of the students make mistakes and regret rest of their lives. It is the story of almost every Pakistani student. Being a Pakistani student, it is our biggest dilemma that usually whatever profession we choose, reason of selection is never our interests, it is always the society who make us believe that we are born to be an engineer or a doctor. No offences with the engineers and doctors, no doubt they must me having some X-factor to rule the world. If we look at the statistics 95% parents want their kid to be a doctor or an engineer in future, and if the child is not achieving that set target then he is declared as a failure. Our parents want us to learn from their experiences. I am not saying that they are wrong but they are not absolutely right as well. They are parents and they have every right to be invloved in making our future decisions but with a little flexibility.
Blame ball is always not in their court, our action and behaviors are the reflection of our intentions, and to be honest they are much more judicious than us, so they know us better than our own selves and they always want us to be successful.
Studies show that parents are the single greatest influence on a student’s career selection. Other influential people could be your paternal uncles, maternal uncles or some of your close family friends who are successful in their own lives, so they all get a license to advise us. But it is important for parents to give their child support and encouragement and to keep them motivated in this vulnerable situation. It is the duty of parents to explore as many options available to find the best career fit for them, as opposed not to try to live out their own unfulfilled career dreams through their young child.  It is important to start the discussion as early as possible because your child must be clear about his interests and determined to achieve what he wants from life. If the process is started early, there is less likelihood of making unwise decisions.
Parents’ sky-scraping standards sometimes influence children to pursue activities they think will make their parents happy and proud. More or less a child career is also a part of parent’s status symbols. We are still living in a century in which pursuing arts subjects instead of a practical profession such as law, engineering or medicine is near to commit a crime. If a child, specially a boy is interested in Art and Design, English Lit., Islamic Studies, or even Sociology, it means that his career is doomed.  In these cases, a teenager might feel compelled to select a prestigious or high-earning occupation to earn his parents’ respect or to make them proud. On the other hand, when parents don’t specify or force their child to choose any particular career then, he often feels free to explore a greater variety of professions, and choose a career based on his own preferences instead of his parents.
Choosing the right career can be a difficult decision to make, but with parent’s positive support, some planning, and some serious self-reflection can set yourself on a path towards a fruitful, fulfilling career that can be satisfying for you and your family.
by: Aamnah


5 thoughts on “Let your child speak his heart….

      1. woww! you’re a professional writer! ❤ ❤

        his point of view, you see! and everyone has their own opinion on their surroundings!

        one thing's for sure, your thinking regarding this matter is probably one of best! 😀 🙂

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