Choose your Life not your Ambition

“Being ambitious is the most important characteristic one should possess,this is the common mantra of leading a successful life”, this is what you have all heard and many of you practice. What if I tell you, that you are being deceived, deceived by your descendants. Have you ever download (1)met a person saying”I have had enough success or wealth or may be power”? No, of course not, there is no limit of any of it.

Ambition is such a bull shit, its like chasing vapor or gripping sand. Whatever that is, that you think you need like a perfect job, a fancy desk, nice office, an apartment, an unlimited debit card, a dream car or anything that you want to get by being ambitious, but whats after that, there is always a better job, a bigger office, a more powerful position to achieve, a fancier house to buy, a more lavish life style and there is no boundary of any of this.

Once you get all that you get confused like you are not as happy as you thought you would be and you realize whats next and next and next. It is a never-ending race and to keep striving for more. Then one day you sit there and think why am I not happy and satisfied. I have got my desired job, luxury life and cherry on top bank accounts filled jRjPa_zUwith money.

There is always anything more that your ambition is telling you to get and then when you get that there is another thing. You end up becoming a thankless person, who instead of being grateful of what he has transform into an unsatisfied greedy person.

All of it is a race in which there is no finishing line, you keep running unless and until you are dead. It is an endless cycle, then you get retired and next thing you know is that you have a big house, a living style, you can afford an expensive medical treatment and then you are dead. And wake up call! all of your accomplishments are of no use after getting your last certificate, death certificate.

What I have realized is that pursuing your so-called ambitions require balance, being ambitious is not a completely wrong thing, but let your ambitions give you direction and purpose not obsession. Life and its responsibilities will always be there. It will never magically disappeared. Don’t get me wrong, I know that in order to be great and follow your dreams, you have to take risks, move forward and progress. However, there’s a difference between obsessing your ambitions and seeking success.

Stability is important for a normal life and most of the time ambitions make you greedy  and thankless and that greed of getting more and more only give you an unsatisfied so-called ambitious life. Take a free advice do not get a living, get a life.



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