Do We Need Special Days to Express our Love??

So here is a question! Do we really need to celebrate all those special days, like Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s day, Birthdays or New Years? We can have a serious debate on it, being1240175_623317811019858_318955940_n a practical human being I might think there is no need to associate days with  expression of love and care, if I love someone I am supposed to express it daily otherwise whats the matter of expressing it on a single day. But again being practical, living in this fast era where every second we are over-committed and running in a horse race, we need days and occasions specified, to remind us that there are people around us who need our love and affection, though they know we love and care but to keep relationships healthy and working, expression is important.

For some reason or the other you may not believe in specific dates and days for expression,may be you belong to the category of people who don’t believe in commercializing their feelings. But have you ever think once, what your loved ones want? You may not like to celebrate Mother’s day, what if that one wish “happy mothers day” can bring a smile on your mum’s face, what if your dad was expecting you to give him a call and say “dad I love you and happy father’s day”, may be a valentine’s day dinner or a small gift can make your relationship stronger and not you but  your spouse want you to celebrate these days. All these small effortless words and acts can make a difference. A simple New Years wish, an anniversary party, a cute birthday wish or small gifts on special occasions are gesture that shows how important your family and friends are in your life which make them feel special.

You might wonder how? Actually this is human nature, since birth a child start responding to behaviors around him, if you shower love they will laugh and enjoy your company but if your behavior is cold so will be theirs. Some researches have proved that every human being has an aura around him and our body emit rays, if we love someone our friendly rays enters their aura and make them feel the same way while negative rays does the opposite. Expression is as important to human as food, food for soul.

Sometimes we become so busy and forget to be grateful so these days are just like reminders to tell you that we should spare some time to express our unconditional love for people we love. I believe that is how we make memories to cherish so even if that person is not around us we can recall all those moments we have spent, recall all the days when we have made them feel special and when they were truly happy. Thus its necessary to show your gratitude to people for whom you genuinely care. Don’t waste any chance to express your love and concern.



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