moment you realise, there are very different people living in this world. sometimes your view is not broad enough to cover whole picture. everyone has a code of conduct for life and they can rationale their point of views very logically, problems arise when people snatch others personal space to breath. human beings are the most flexible creation. they can be molded and blended but only on one condition, their willingness. 


“till death do us apart”



“till death do us part” is a part of some traditional wedding vows. This phrase signifies that the married couple intend to spend the remainder of their lives together and will be parted only by death. Most of us find these vows spiritual and a promise for a forever relationship.

Marriage, where two different people start spending their lives together, It is indeed a simultaneous change in both of their lives, and the major twist is, this change or addition in their lives is permanent, yes,  ” till death do us apart” type. e3e800d53ac08aea13d61d4124ca313b--red-velvet-cakes-vows-quotesEveryone has a perspective or you can say expectation with their new life as married person, it may vary on gender basis too. But let me tell you one thing, change is almost equal for both of them and both have to give their 110% to their new relationship, if they really want a ever lasting relationship.

Now coming to the fact, why suddenly I thought to write about marriage and all. Beside the fact that I am indeed a newly wed, the other day I was scrolling down on a social network and a phrase got my attention, it was something like ‘marriage isn’t beautiful’ and like any other curious newly wed, I started reading it, thinking that it might explain some typical cons of marriage, mentioning all those experience when you think of your single-hood and miss your bachelor life, but to my surprise it was something else, and being honest it made me real emotional.

So as I have mentioned marriage isn’t beautiful, yea! it is. All your life you try to hide bad of you and shows the best to leave a good impression to other people but unlike being single when you marry a person you get to see worst of each other. You become transparent, now your life is an open book and that one person start living with you like your reflection. So basically your private life becomes not so private. You get to see darkest side of each other. You see their mood swings, tantrums, when they are being harsh and intolerable, when they annoy you with their irritating habits, disagreed point of views, when they seem unlovable and stubborn.

But you see what is the other side of being in a relationship you see the best side of each other too, you see them laughing so hard that tears come out of their  eyes, you see the kind and loving soul under that hard and strong body, you live the best moments with each other, make memories and then laugh and cry while recalling them. c2f960ed4ff6f7079d2da34290cee333You listen to the late night snoring which will be denied in the morning (personal experience). You get to see the side of each other which no one else has ever seen and trust me it’s not always pretty.  Agree it or not, top of the list insecurity before marriage commitment is that you are giving permission of full excess to yourself, it’s scary.

Marriage isn’t a beautiful but its amazing. It is the feeling that someone loves you so much that you will never be alone even when you are at your worst. It is knowing that someone is always at your back to support you no matter what. It is having arguments which you know can’t be settled. It is understanding each other by their gestures. It is saying yes to any decision without having a second thought. It is like saying “everything will be alright” even when you know things are out of your hands. It is that promise of staying by each other side through every kith and kin. It’s the toughest, most demanding job which is much rewarding. Because at the end of the day, you are with your best friend, the weirdest, most annoying, loving, goofy, perfect person you know.

Marriage isn’t beautiful, it’s a roller-coaster ride.


Another New Year

“We spend January 1st walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives…not looking for flaws, but for potential.”

Ellen Goodman

So here we are again blessed enough to breath in the air of 31st december. A long journey of 365 days and it feels like it has passed in just a glimpse. But if we think about tiny details of this whole year then we will realize that it is not only a year of a few days instead of, it is a time period in which we had different experiences. Experiences , which were simple yet they played a vital role in changing our lives, sometimes for better and other times we have learned from our mistakes.

New years celebration is a common event now. Almost every country spends a pile of money and resources to welcome new year. late night parties, family gatherings, feasting, gift exchange, fireworks and countdowns has become a tradition. Whole world welcome new year in their own ways with happiness and joy. Everyone raise his expectations with new year. It brings hope and light to their lives.

New years day generally means new year’s resolution. There is a trend of taking new year resolution. The new year inspires people to improve themselves in variety of ways. Some resolve to work for a healthier life style, some resolve to learn something new, other might resolve to improve their habits. According to a survey about 80% people take new year’s resolution but over 65% follow it till the first week of January and 35% prolong it till June. I think if there is anything one needs to change it doesn’t need a new year resolution to make it happen.

Days are passing, new things are happening in everyone’s life, you meet new people and leave some people behind. Just to match the pace of time everyone is trying to give its best. But one thing which we are losing each passing year is our satisfaction genes. May be this gene is inversely proportional to our age or the oxygen we are breathing is now polluted with greed and unjust. Whatever it is, the deterioration is fatal and worst part is we confidently justify fall of our moral values with lame excuses. Every other day we hear news about progress in technology and side by side crime rate is increasing humoungously. Problem lies in our way of thinking, we only live for today and forgetting that the ease we have today is the hard work of our forefathers. The question is what do we have to inherit our next generation.

I am sure if anyone make a film of all his deeds he will end up hating himself. Still we expect people to love us unconditionally, this is the injurious level of selfishness. We seriously need to mend our ways.

New year’s day, a fresh start, a new chapter in life waiting to be written.New questions to be asked, embraced and lives. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformation year of delight and self discovery. Today carve out a quiet interlude for yourself to dream. Only determination give birth to change.

happy New year world!


So he left and space is all we have…

If we look back and notice that how our lives contantly change and we become an entirely  different  person with time, sometimes we don’t even own our ourselves, sometimes  this change is for better and sometimes not. Choosing the right path is always tricky and tough, and follow it is even worst, you face hurdles and deal with the circumstances which can challenge your decision in multiple ways, only determination and concentration can lead to permanent change. 

Junaid jamshed (may his soul rest in peace) was one of the person who was a rockstar, extremely talented, handsome and youth icon of his time. He was an excellent singer and a great person belonged to an educated modern family. He had accomplished a life which some of people can only wish for. But here the Junaid Jamshed I like to talk about is a totally opposite of the one mentioned above.

To change your lifestyle is easy if you are not successful in life it’s even easier when the change is towards negativity. But when you are successful and fame is your best friend and someone ask you to leave all of it and change it for good, only then you realize how difficult it is.

Junaid jamshed was at the peak of his career when Allah Subhanatallah showed him His right path. He left all his achievements and decided to live an opposite lifestyle. He had to face a lot of criticism and negative comments. People judged him for his acts. They labeled him as hypocrat, just like any other person following path of truth, his life became impossible but he remained determined and focused. He himself has quoted a lot of times that his journey of transtion was full of trials where he had to prove himself. But when you are blessed and your intentions are crystal clear then destination is your only vision. His only wish was to die on emaan and he died as shaheed. His melodious voice as a humd sannah will live forever. Most of his qalam were written by himself and those words can give anyone goosebumps and refresh your emaan. 

Here I want to add another thing which has disappointed me a lot. This is the delimna of our materialistic world that we acknowledge people after their death. Junaid Jamshed shaheed is also one of them and worst part is instead of recalling his life as a religious scholar our media is discussing his music life. It is said that after death only good deeds should be recalled but tv channels are raising their ratings. I request everyone to not discuss his previous life and only mention him as a religious scholar who died as shaheed. Junaid Jamshed will always live in our heart, his smiling face is unforgettable and his life is an example for people to learn. I wish we all can change our lives just like him and follow the sunnah of Muhammad PBUH ameen. May Junaid Jamshed soul rest in peace.


Life hacks⚠

When you try to behave sane but then you realize your sane is driving you insane. Thoes edgy moments make you living breathing beings but at the same time you have to make your choices, you like it or not. Stick to your sane, inner peace and satisfied soul is much easier to deal with.☺